Metal Horse Figurine

Still figuring out where this little fellow came from. A gift from Nonni, my grandmother, when I was just a kid, it never occurred to me to wonder. It looks like a souvenir from a museum exhibition – Greek, Mycenaean, not sure.. have to do a little bit more research! Advertisements

Cracked Wooden Cup

From the Objects as They Are series. Each object I find or buy or unearth out of my old possessions is being tracked through these photos, along with a brief object “file” which has it’s provenance and it’s history. Have I used it before in an artwork? What do I know about it? Where did I get it? This came from Faulconbridge Antiques, sitting…

Salter’s Pocket Balance

Part of the Objects as they Are series within A Narrative of Things. These are designed to make me think of how I view the objects, they are simplified and pared down. They mimic the clean white backgrounds of museum object file images, but not entirely: Shallow depths of field, odd angles, whatever and however the object’s interest strikes me.