Winter Time – with a hint of chiaroscuro



It’s been a long couple of days shooting this series. With nothing really to “aim” for with it, apart from my own enjoyment. I really just wanted to shoot something that captured simplicity. Some more traditional Still Life, with produce rather than detritus, on two planes, the vertical and horizontal. Without complex heights, layering or position. Natural light and one reflector.  Without a “polished” background, something rough and in tone.

Winter vegetables and winter flowers.

Here’s what I came up with:

Winter Pumpkin_013

Winter Pumpkin_001

Winter Pumpkin_015

Winter Pumpkin_017

Winter Pumpkin_029

Winter Pumpkin_025




One Comment on “Winter Time – with a hint of chiaroscuro

  1. Love this series with the beautiful rich light tonings, honest simplicity and clarity of each vegetable and flower. The eyes initially take in the whole image and then are drawn to the individual objects as they emerge from the darkened background The hint of time in the last image is subtle and thought provoking.

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