Sensitivity in art

It’s been a while since I posted other artists whose work resonates with me. In some ways I have been living in a cocoon of shelter from so many things lately. When I came back from New York, there was a wonderful sense in my heart and soul of artistic optimism, yet sadly, since that time it has been quite subdued. Much of the art  I see around me here does not have the inspirational, challenging sensitivity that lifts me up and tosses me on the winds of seeing and broadening my understanding.

Instead of pushing me to create, it has enclosed me and suffocated me, until I wonder if there is art at all around me. Certainly how can I exist in the local art market, when it is governed by principles which have little place in what I create?

And so, like bread crumbs when starving, I have hoarded my little collection of artists whose work lets light in through the cracks of this soulless room. Landscape, Portrait, Abstract…. Painting, Drawing, Photography… I open their websites, or flip through the pages of their books late at night, with just a lamp on, and I am warmed again. There is a resonance, and  – almost – a belief in my own creativity again.

Is this not what art should be – sometimes the spark, not always the flame?

One of the artists who has reminded me so much of this feeling is Antonio Palmerini  – if you haven’t seen his work, check out his tumblr page here:

For on this page he has not just his beautiful, soulful and moving artwork, but also some words that I have found deeply moving, and pertinent for me as an artist. Not least, when I think of my first incarnation thanks to depression, the words of Vincent Van Gogh:

“Art is to console those who are broken by life”

And when asked about what techniques he uses he replied  “Photoshop, all the possible textures… and my sensitivity”

What could be more right in art? If we do not have feeling, empathy and the understanding that we hold something delicate in our hands when we create, something we must not shatter, if we do not have these things, how empty and how barren is our creation?

I hope you enjoy his beautiful art as much as I do:

Antonio Palmerini:








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