Time in America – The photographic story of a road trip

It’s taken me a few more months than I had intended; but here it is, edited and ready for viewing – the Time in America series, part fine art, part landscape and part documentary photography, it’s been a thought provoking and genre changing experience for me:

You can learn a lot about yourself from doing photography – sitting in a car all day, feeling the miles go by and staring out of the window. We took this road trip because I don’t like to fly (even though I love looking down at the world from so many feet above and taking photos of it in it’s wonderful, distant abstraction), and we have told all of our friends that in doing so, by staying at “ground level” we have been given a better understanding of the US.

It’s true – but maybe not how most people would view it.

For my friends, especially my photo doco friends it would have meant experiences with the people: surprise encounters, an instant acquaintance. There would be connection and thenceforth photographic image… That one moment of linkage making a photo which would reach across the world.

And on one level we did meet people and speak to them – the lovely shop assistants in small towns who wished us a great journey, the waitress who when told we came from another country wondered if it was New England, and to our family and friends who gave us such wonderful, sometimes unexpected glimpses of America. But for us, shy and introverted in our own way, safe in the bubble of our vehicle, we did not attempt to make those connections solely so we could take them with us and display them via photography.

For me, instead, I like to watch and absorb, to listen and wonder – and to do so from the slight separation that is my own personality. My photography mirrors who I am – too nervous of the Universe to approach people for a portrait, too honest most of the time to skulk in corners and take one without permission.

So this is a series about a road trip from the perspective of the road, the roadside motel, the roadside walks and quiet spaces: America from a distance, and from the fleeting safety of the car window. America in motion through time and space.

You are looking at what the people have made and where they have and still do live. Their effect upon the land, and the traces they leave behind.

Can you see them? They are there, just out of sight.


Time in America_02

on the road

Olympic NP_11

Mount Olympic NP

Olympic NP_05

Mount Olympic NP

Time in America_113

Mount Olympic NP

Time in America_146

Port Angeles

Time in America_147

Port Angeles

Time in America_103

Mount Rainier NP

Time in America_121

Mount Rainier NP

Time in America_081

On the road to Yellowstone

Time in America_080

on the road to Yellowstone

Time in America_49

Yellowstone NP

Time in America_34

Yellowstone NP

Time in America_24

Yellowstone NP

Time in America_163

Yellowstone NP

Time in America_087

on the road

Time in America_089

on the road

on the Road to Denver_12

into a storm

Time in America_095

heading across the States after seeing the Utah Parks

Time in America_150

heading across the States after seeing the Utah Parks

Time in America_072

New Jersey

Time in America_077

New Jersey

Time in America_04

the road in the late afternoon


2 Comments on “Time in America – The photographic story of a road trip

  1. Stunning photos, Ana Lia. And love your blog – very honest and thought provoking.

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