Time in America – The Twin Towers Monument

Post no Bills

On visiting the Twin Towers Memorial in September 2014


Their names have carved

These holes upon our universe

That will not

Be unmade


I touch my hand to the gap that is the space

In which their essence used to be

The sum of moments that they lived and breathed


These letters are

A sharp edged strange division in the Fabric

That is cast upon us for the passing years

In which they are no more


There are more people who visit –

Day to day

Standing, staring

Never forgetting –


Than those who were the victims

Of this space which now descends in rushing water

To the depths of futures we cannot foresee


So it is for those of us

Who meet them

Now that they are gone


They are but the footprints

Of their buildings

And the steel of lives

Who live no more


Yet there are more of us





In a place that is the memory of another


Which used to be


Those who seek

To break the human Spirit

Should first understand it.


The water will flow

Into the unseen

And we will watch

The droplets



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