Time in America – Jet Lag

It would be nice if these images all ran in their appropriate narrative order but that may not happen!

The concept behind Time in America as a travel narrative is simple. So often we say, I remember our time in so and so. But what it is it exactly? The period of days that we spend in a location, the experience of seconds, minutes, hours and days as we stop there? As a traveler there is “your” own time, that brief moment of moving through a landscape and people, and there is the countries time – measured in months, years, centuries and geological periods.

My blog is the experience of my time, brief and inconsequential in the long history of the place: in this case America.


The first couple of images are about the sensation of flying across the world, changing time zones, losing sense of day and night, and then suddenly coming to terra firma again. They are called the Airport Hotel:

The Airport Hotel 1

The Airport Hotel 2


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