Journey – a documentary series of leaves

Much of my photography is complex, involves artifice you might say.

Sometimes life strips us back to the bones. Just existence, such as it is, with no elaboration or intricacies. Some times we just are. And sometimes that is all we need to be.

Journey was a photographic series I made some time ago. I love photographing nature, and so often it is melded into abstracts and expressionist pieces where it’s form is elusive and mysterious. I like to draw people in and lose them there, sitting with me in the image, absorbing. And yet, there is an unblemished essence to it. The single leaf from tree to ground, a cycle, a transformation, a necessity. That is what Journey captures. It is, at it’s heart documentary photography, this is not the chronological narrative of leaves as they grow, fall and decay. Instead it is a portrait of each leaf I found, at the particular point in it’s life cycle that I saw it in that very moment.

They are simple, and honest, these images. I hope that you get out of them what I did in taking them. May they speak to you as they did to me.

This is our journey, as well as theirs.













One Comment on “Journey – a documentary series of leaves

  1. Beauitiful description and beautiful honest images. Well done.

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