Digital Art to Combat Depression

One of the ways when I was younger that I handled my down periods, was to draw freehand geometric designs. They weren’t especially balanced or symmetrical. In fact they were an attempt normally to draw as small lines, triangles and so an as I could, using gold or silver pens on coloured squares of paper my mother brought home from her child care centre. So intricate were they, that I never actually managed to complete a whole square.

The memory of these drawings inspired me to consider my other love – digital manipulation – as a way to combat my depression. I am no Photoshop or Illustrator master.  I simply take my photographic images and change them, warp them, push them to their limits, tear them apart and put them back together until I am happy with the result. I wanted to add  geometry and repetition to this concept and see what I would come up with.

It helps. It calms the mind. Keeps it occupied, and satisfies the creative soul which might otherwise be whimpering in a corner.

So here they are. Different to what you might expect from me. But then, as time goes on, I hope you realise that you should never expect to know what to expect from me: I fly where I can, I am no longer so concerned as to how or where that might turn out to be. It is after all, just another experience.

The Gods of Men

The Gods of Men

Fire from Within

Fire from Within


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