Touching Nature – Postcards

A very quick little update on the Touching Nature joint exhibition.

My selected images are off to Nulab to be printed on metallic pearl paper (a first for me as a medium) and should be back with me early next week, ready for the long hard slog of working out how I want them backed! Even though they have been proofed to within an inch of their lives, I always find this waiting period so nerve wracking.

It was quite a heart wrenching process of getting these works off to print. For so many of them I really really wanted to go BIG, and had created the images for exactly such sizing, but in the end I had to temper that urge. Why? Firstly the size of the exhibiting rooms at the gallery (such a beautiful old space, but restricted by the dimensions of it’s rooms) and secondly cost. It really would have been beyond me to afford the sized prints I wanted. Such a shame, but I know they will still look beautiful and intriguing, and if people would care to purchase them at a bigger, size, the option will be there for them.

Bianca’s original paintings are not for sale, because as she says they are really her soul, and she just can’t part with her soul! However one of the hardest jobs for this exhibition has been working together to get them properly photographed (ie by me) and colour synced so that we can make wonderful prints for sale. That too is now almost complete!

Just as excitingly ,Bianca and I have chosen to have a few images printed as postcards. I have been spending some time over the last few weeks designing a simple layout for them, and now they are ready for the printers too! Here’s a sneak preview of them, we will be selling these during the exhibition for $2 each:

72 - Dust Storm PC

72 - Fire Season PC


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