The Very First Post!

I never thought that I would ever ever do a blog. It just seemed really egotistical and way too public. I always thought that I would be a secretive hermit of an artist, hiding in a cave, somewhere remote and beautiful with only Warwick, the landscape and some birds and insects to keep me company. But that’s not how the art world works is it? So instead, to get myself out there, and to bring the world (even the small one of my contacts, friends and supporters) along for the ride of my artistic development – here I am. A L Washington, artist. Blogging. Scary stuff!



2 Comments on “The Very First Post!

  1. Looking slick and very visually edible on the iPhone ALW! Is there anyone else out there doing this? I love it so far!
    Maybe you can do with objects what humans of New York has done with pics of people. Combining distilled narratives with a moment and the author part if the whole play, downstage sometimes, out of sight other times.
    Hope I am not committing a terrible photo community gaff – I really like that site!

  2. Good to see you are finally taking the plunge into that vast ocean. So pleased and proud for you, Ana-Lia. love from your mum xoxo

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